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                  The four deadly reasons for the restaurant’s closure, the first one was basically saved.

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                  The four deadly reasons for the restaurant’s closure, the first one was basically saved.

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                  The catering competition is fierce and everyone is well known. The hotel is closed to Daji, and it happens every day. The average life expectancy of a restaurant is only 508 days, so short-lived, it is really awkward.

                  The reasons for the failure are various. Liu Ke, the columnist of the red meal, believes that there are four fatal causes of restaurant closure, the first of which is the most deadly, and it is precisely the problem that many restaurants have.

                  There are only a few successful hotels, and tens of millions of failed restaurants.

                  Not exaggerated, not at all, the actual number is even more terrible than this.

                  500,000 closed, the average life expectancy of 508 days, the rate of closure is 80%, is it surprising to hear it? Look around, we have a restaurant downstairs in the street downstairs, the fastest opening for two weeks, closed down, I don't know why.

                  There is also a sturdy demolition-style decoration, which took more than half a year to renovate, and finally opened the door with gorgeous opening. In addition to a few people in the three months of opening three months, the waiter chef is big-eyed and small-eyed. When I am tired, I start playing with my mobile phone. I don't know if their home is closed or not. It is estimated that it is almost the same.

                  What can I see in so many failed cases? Certainly can.

                  Is it helpful to prepare for the store now? No, there is no point.

                  Then why write?

                  There are too many people in the pit, and the surrounding area is full of flags. There are pits here. You can hear them on the side of the seat, plop, and then ask for help. Then sum it up, can save a few counts, can not save a little inspiration is also very good.

                  The deadliest four problems of the failed restaurant -

                  A lack of cash flow, no money on the account

                  The first sentence that many people have told me is: I can’t send a salary this month. What should I do? The supplier's payment has not yet been settled, and the rent will expire next month.

                  According to the survey, 98% of the restaurants closed down because of the lack of money on the account.

                  This is indeed the case. There is no money on the account, which is the first step. Sometimes it seems that the business is good, but there is no money. Such a store generally can't last long, why? If you don't have money, you don't have the ability to resist risks. Just like the well-known company that lost 10.2 billion in the past few days, even if you lose money, you are not so anxious. If you have money on your account, you will not panic when you have money. So, You can continue to play, even if it is not profitable.

                  Profit and cash flow have nothing to do with it. It doesn't matter if you don't make money. It's important to have cash flow. The closed company, the hotel and the profitability are not related to profitability. It is the amount of money on the account.

                  You will say that we are small hotels, you are talking about big, we have to consider making money.

                  First of all, this has nothing to do with size. It is related to cash flow. As long as the flow of cash flow and the existence of book capital are guaranteed, there is a chance to survive. Jingdong and Gome are playing this way today.

                  How much money does it take to survive?

                  If you don’t do it, you can pay the funds for half a year and you can do it on the account. Less than this number, the boss's manager's heart will not be in business, there will be a mess of thoughts. The more you think about it, the less you make, and the more you close it. Cash flow is a nightmare for every catering operator.

                  Solving all problems is to find the root cause, can not find the root will be rushed to the doctor, and finally found that the cold as a treatment of athlete's foot.

                  All the problems of catering are attributed to cash flow. As long as the problem of cash flow is solved, all problems are no longer a problem.

                  Second, the boss does not do the boss's business as a boss, but does not do the boss's business. It is the most common thing most losers do.

                  impossible! Never! How can I make a joke in my own store? I want to be a good boss, I buy it myself every day, and the kitchen is also very strict. When the customer is tired, I will go out to learn new food, come back to innovative dishes, try the food many times a month, sometimes I eat it. I have to vomit. Isn't this what the boss does?

                  Well, none of the things you said were done by the boss, not all.

                  Impossible, aren’t you kidding?

                  I don't mean to be joking. What you do is what the chef does. why?

                  Because, before you make money, it is the most important thing to do the current dishes, rather than go out and find new products. What's more, the new products you find are just for you. I don't know if I haven't heard of them. For your customers, I have eaten hundreds of times.

                  You are only in your store or in your circle, even if you run around the country, but customers you haven't seen before don't mean you haven't seen it, it doesn't mean they feel fresh. They don't go to your store to eat. It's because you have a so-called "new dish". It's probably because you want to eat some of the dishes you've eaten before or your specialty dishes.

                  As for the trial food, it is even more nonsense. You are not a customer. What kind of food are you trying? If you want to try the dishes, you are also looking for your customers. This is not what the boss should do.

                  The thing you did was done by the chef, and your value is the highest salary for this position.

                  If you are a boss, there is no limit. If you don't have a cap, you can expand infinitely and create unlimited value.

                  The good thing a good boss has to do is to follow the first article, bring money to the store, a lot of money, and then a lot of customers. This is what the boss does, and the rest is handed over to others. .

                  Three, you dare not ask and have no principle.

                  You dare not ask the customer what to do, you dare not ask the staff to do anything.

                  What they do, you are swallowing, accepting, accepting unconditionally and unprincipledly. Finally, closing the door, the reason for failure is that you have no principle.

                  Strict is love, calm is harm. This is true for children, for customers, for employees.

                  Unfortunately, you dare not. When you manage yourself, you may be very strict. You will do a lot of challenging things and make yourself better. But if you manage this, you can do it alone. You still have to Some people have employees inside and have customers outside.

                  Catering is to sell the food to your customers after processing. The processing and production are all employees. As mentioned above, if someone wants to do it, the sales service needs the waiter, and finally the customer pays the bill.

                  What I hear most often is, what if the customer is not satisfied? What if the customer does not buy? What do customers think is not strong?

                  These are not the customer's ideas, it is yours.

                  Just like you are worried that employees are not easy to find, they are all you think. No one is what the customer thinks, what the employees think, at most, what you think for them, commonly known as "freedom of mind."

                  You are afraid of customers. What you are worried about is where you are not doing well. If you do it yourself, will you still worry about this?

                  The same is true for employees. If your store business is full of people and customers are waiting in line, is the waiter chef still a problem? Their problem is that you are worried that you can't do it and you can't pay your wages, so you don't have to worry about finding a job. If you do well, employees will see you doing well, and you will work with peace of mind. Is it hard to find? The better the business, the easier it is to find someone.

                  The dishes are good, the waiter is satisfied, the customer is satisfied, your store is full of customers, and the queue is outside. Do you still have this idea? Obviously not.

                  When you come up with this idea, you have a problem with it, there is a problem with the store, and there are problems with the dishes, so there will be so many concerns. In fact, don't worry, do yourself to make yourself strong, is the magic weapon to solve this problem.

                  Four, listening to rumors, rushing to the doctor

                  Catering operations will not be smooth, it is normal to encounter some problems, but partial bias will be worse, if it is a quack, the result may be fatal.

                  Many bosses are ill and want to save a life, and they will work immediately. They will never recur and they will not grow old.

                  If you meet these requirements, then your store door must be full of people from the morning, and all the way to the evening, someone will wait for the next day at your door, just like the hand touch can cure Like the peasant woman, in the end, her own hands are swollen, and why are the people?

                  Do you say that this IQ is too low? Hand touch can cure the disease and people believe. It’s not surprising that it’s a matter of life and death.

                  Just some doctors can find the problem of the hotel, and the treatment will be good, so you believe it again.

                  I once said that there is never a single thing that can cure cancer. Similarly, it is not a problem in a certain place that causes a restaurant to close down. It is really closed, and it has many aspects. However, the whole body is sick, but only to see the ophthalmology, it is estimated that there is basically no possibility of cure.

                  Eating three steamed buns can be full, not the last one, it is the accumulation of the first two, sick is not a day or two, and the cure is not instantaneous. The old saying goes, "The disease is like a mountain, and the disease is like a silk." This is what it means. "Let's come to the mountain" because of the constant accumulation, and finally broke out.

                  If there is a way to save your store, it is all about making fun of you. If you believe, you will lose.

                  to sum up  

                  The low barriers to catering are fierce. What you have to do is to make a good cash flow on the premise of ensuring profits and ensure that you have money on your account. Make yourself strong on the basis of rich money, good products, good service, and more natural customers, so everything can continue. Don't worry if you have problems, first find the root cause, get up and down on the most fundamental problems, and the right medicine is the right path. Even if the current symptoms are treated well, it doesn't mean that you will never make a mistake again, as long as the problem still remains.

                  Therefore, to change yourself and strengthen yourself, having a healthy and strong body is the capital. All of this requires cash flow to support. If there is no money, there is only one way left: close the door and go home.

                  Between success and failure, catering is easy, and it is easy to do well.

                  Or send everyone a word: cash flow cures all diseases, turnover is solved!


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